Reference to Xorg.conf and Resolution Settings

I want to purchase the cable before sure this is ok or no.
this is my monitor.

I won’t guarantee the monitor will work, but the monitor’s specification says it has a DVI-D connector (digital). This means that if and only if the EDID of that monitor is compatible with the modes the driver is able to work with, then an adapter for DVI-D to HDMI will work. Keep in mind that some adapters do not pass through EDID (adapters intended for analog DVI save money by cutting that wire).

I have a dual port HDMI cable and I want to purchase a HDMI-DVI convertor.

Is this ok? this don’t have 4 pins in right, it’s a DVI-D. but in my DVI port of monitor, have also 4 right pins.

Screenshot from 2020-06-05 00-05-05 ,

this is my monitor port. Is the above converter ok for my monitor?

Dual link will contain both analog and digital. It might work, and likely it would, but there is no guarantee (I say “likely” because dual link doesn’t really have a purpose if digital is not available, it just does not mean I can guarantee it passes through correctly). My personal thought is that it is worth testing.