Reg: OS reinstall or reimaging in DGX-1 remotely

I have DGX-1 with V100-32 & following IPMI device information.

Firmware Revision: 	3.36.30
Firmware Build Time: 	Aug 30 2019 09:28:55 CST
BIOS Version: 	S2W_3A10

DGX-1 servers are in remote DC, and I would like to reinstall Ubuntu through IPMI.
I have followed

but in my IPMI login JAVA based remote console option is not displayed. understood from DGX-1 System FW Changes — dgx1-fw-container-release-notes 1 documentation “Removed Java-based Remote Console.” & I would like to know how I can upgrade OS remotely in this scenario.

Hi @shan_8992 ,

Everything should still work with the HTML5 based KVM (what replaced the Java version). Do you get a KVM window when you select “Remote KVM”? Or what do you see under “Remote Control”?


hi @ScottEllis

sorry totally missed those buttons on the right corner.
I was looking for those in the menu bar & missed it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that functionality in the DGX-1 BMC.

I believe you can make a special hot-key for specific things you want to do that are hard with the actual keyboard, but we don’t have an onscreen keyboard.

In my scenario, I use a remote desktop to access DGX BMC IPMI.
I have Installed an on-screen keyboard on the remote desktop & used it with DGX BMC IPMI.

No problem, understood DGX BMC doesn’t come with virtual keyboard support.