NO DP signal after IGX orin system reboot


We followed the manual re-flash and able to flash the new OS to IGX.
However, we are not able to see the display by connecting DP cable to GPU slots.

We are able to get the DP signal using iGPU slot.

I went through other issue threads in the forum, but this issue is not resolved.
Please can you guide us here to get the DP signal via GPU slot and install dGPU.

Can you verify that you followed the instructions here:

Especially, selecting the dGPU version in the boot loader.
Which dispaly port did you use during the installation? Which GPU are you using?

We are not using this link.
We did manual flash using attached document.
(v0.9 EA) nvidia_igx_orin_user_guide.pdf (1.1 MB)
The manual flash was successful, but switching to dGPU using dp connection to port (14) is not happening as expected.

Please can you guide us from here