Can't booting after reboot


 I have an IGX orin board kit.
 I install Holopack 2.0 DP from SDK manager.
 Someday I reboot the machine, it can't boot up anymore.
 Don't show booting logo even has a display connect to iGPU display port. 
 The BMC still working, I try to update latest BMC firmware and install QSPI. Unfortunely, SMCU is fail to update.
  After updating, I still can't get UART log from BMC webui.
 FW version from webui

 Status from webui

 Log show critical event

“Service_CPU_bmcweb sensor value Reading has cross peek threashold”
Does this is problem?
And UART log from BMC don’t show up any log.

 bmc journalctl log

bmc.log (96.4 KB)


Hi david242,

It seems your BMC has been updated to the latest release(24.04-11-v3.2).

It is expected since updating SMCU through WebUI is not supported yet.

Please refer to SMCU update bug on BMC UI update - #8 by KevinFFF to update it if you are using C01 board.

Could you run the following command from host to check the serial console output from IGX?

$ ssh root@ -p 2200

Hi KevinFFF,

No log.

After pressing power key, the fans of power and RTX A6000 are start to working.
But no screen or UART log at all.