dGPU not operational after reflashing - blank screen

After completing an iGPU deployed, the system was restored to defaults using a laptop with Ubuntu and the recovery files.
SDK Manager wasn’t able to recognise the hardware attached over USB link.

The flashing process apparently was completed correctly, but after that, the system would continue to not render any sort of graphical output through the dGPU.
All I get is a blank screen when DP cable is connected to any of the dGPU ports.
If two cables are connected, one on dGPU and another on iGPU, there’s no image from both.
When the system is powered on only with a DP cable on iGPU, then there’s POST image and a few seconds after we have the OS login prompt.

Upon log in, a message pops up asking if I want to install the iGPU drivers because the display was detected there, and suggests moving the DP cable to dGPU if I want to switch to that mode and reboot. If I follow these instructions, I’m back to a black screen and can’t reboot because there’s no graphical interface. If I manually reboot, there’s no POST nor OS login screen after cold-booting with DP connected to the dGPU.

Hi Israel, it sounds like your devkit needs the ARM VBIOS for RTX A6000. The flash instructions are on NVONLINE/PID. I will send you the link via email since this procedure is not public. You can apply the ARM vBIOS from the IGX operating system, either from the desktop with DP connected to iGPU, or SSH into the IGX, or redirect console to BMC serial output. Once the vBIOS Is applied you an reboot with DP cable connected to the dGPU and you should see the UEFI boot loader and get the option to deploy dGPU stack.

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