Regarding 14_multivideo_decode, Decodable number of videos


The number was confirmed in number 1 in the figure.

Is it possible to have up to 128 in 2?

In conclusion, is it possible to decode 128 videos?

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How many can be decoded in 06_jpeg_decode?

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Please check capability of video decoders in development guide.
It supports single 4Kp60. For multiple video decoding, you may try 4 1080p60.
We never verify 128 video decoding threads, you may try but the resolution has to be small like 320x240.

In running 06_jpeg_decode, JPEG files are sequentially decoded, not simultaneously. So you can set file number arbitrarily.


What does 128 mean in the 128 stream of #1?

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The maximum is 128 encoding threads. Please note the performance depends on the resolution.

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