Maximum Bitrate for multiple h265 encoding


I was wondering what is the maximum bitrate for the Jetson TX2 h265 encoder if am encoding multiple full HD videos at 60 fps?

Hi Devashish, we don’t have profile data for this case. What is your case?

Hi DaneLLL, Am not sure I understand what information I have to give here?

If I have 6 camera modules connected to the Jetson TX2 Development kit through the MIPI interface, all sending 1080p60 videos through 2 lanes and I want to encode those video streams using the h265 encoder of the Jetson TX2. What is the maximum bitrate I can encode the videos in?

Max capacity is single 4Kp30 100Mbps per

Should be good to run 16Mbps in each 1080p60

Hello DaneLLL,

Can you clarify your comments above:

“Max capacity is single 4Kp30 100Mbps per”

“Should be good to run 16Mbps in each 1080p60”

Just wondering if you can add a bit more context and fidelity to these comments?


Hi bdannan, We have verified 6 1080p60 on TX2: