Regex not supported on the my DPU

When I tried to run the doca_file_scan on my BlueFied2 according to File Scan :: NVIDIA DOCA SDK Documentation. The following situation occurred:

ubuntu@localhost:/opt/mellanox/doca/applications/file_scan/bin$ ./doca_file_scan --pci-addr 03:00.0 --rules /tmp/regex_rules.rof2.binary --data data_to_scan.txt
[13:46:56:827601][DOCA][ERR][BF2_DRIVER:411]: Regex not supported on the device.
[13:46:56:827739][DOCA][ERR][BF2_DRIVER:1593]: Failed to open regex device: DOCA_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED
[13:46:56:827771][DOCA][ERR][FILE_SCAN::Core:80]: Unable to set RegEx device. Reason: Memory allocation failure

Doesn’t my DPU support RegEx acceleration?