Reinstalling and Flash of Jetson using Ubuntu Virtual Machine

I have a Jetson TX2 that needs to be flashed and have Jetpack installed on it.
I’ve been able to get approval for a virtual machine for Ubuntu 18.04.
Unfortunately, Hyper-V doesn’t support USB ports (which is needed to connect and install Jetpack/ reflash my Jetson).

Does anyone know if using VMWare would allow me to connect to the Jetson for the reflash/ Jetpack install?

Are there other suggestions that you would make?

Thank you!

Hi slow_one,

The SDK Manager do not support VM server.
Please use Ubuntu 18.04 on your host machine.


Thanks for replying @kayccc . Unfortunately, I don’t have a dedicated Ubuntu machine.
I’m attempting to justify setting up a dual-boot system but if I can setup jetpack and reflash my Jetson using a VM, I would like to. It’s much more straightforward to get setup (and I have the rights on my machine to do that …I wouldn’t need additional permissions from IT to do that)

Dual boot will be your best bet, but FYI, the reason VMs are not supported is because they don’t handle USB correctly for the case of a USB device which repeatedly disconnects and reconnects (which is what happens during flash). You could make it work, but it would be up to you to be sure USB passes through correctly, and that your VM runs on a true Linux filesystem type (you’d need an ext4 filesystem, and would have to avoid something like NTFS). Different VMs will behave differently among users here, but some have had VMware work (and others) after some work.

Thank you. That’s helpful!

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