Jetpack installation - vmware?

Hello -
I need to reinstall the OS/software on a Jetson TX1 board. Reading the docs say’s I need Jetpack installed to a host machine running Ubuntu 12.04 (or 14.04).

Can I install Jetpack to a virtual machine, and use that VM to flash the TX1?

I am wondering how the USB passthrough would work, etc.


Hey Tim,

I am new to this Jetson thing but I have just today installed JetPack-L4T-2.3.1-linux-x64 on a ubuntu-14.04.5-desktop-amd64 image that is now running in VMware Player 12.5.1 build-4542065. The “host host” is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

The install completed ok with no errors, including the push and install to a TK1 connected by USB.

The extra steps after putting the TK1 into recovery mode were …

  1. In VMware Player, select “Player” > “Removable Devices” > “NVidia APX” > “Connect” (the lsusb command in the guest os reported the USB as expected).

  2. I had to manually set the IP address of the TK1 (determined this from my router), installer also prompted for the TK1 username / password so I assumed the default (i.e. ubuntu/ubuntu).

I will be playing with this more during the week, looks ok so far though. Hope this helps.


By the way, you will need more than the 20GB default system disk in the Ubuntu image to install jetpack. I created mine with 40GB on second attempt - jetpack install completed ok, you may need more again if you are playing with a lot of data. If you want to keep the ubuntu image o your PC small then you can mount a shared folder from the “host host” (in vmware “Player” > “Settings” > “Options” > “Shared Folders” … if that is greyed out then vmtools is either not installed or not running on guest, I had to shutdown the VM to set up the shared folder. I used this method to get the jetpack run file onto the VM too.

If creating new Ubuntu system is OK option : Just assign 40 GB memory while setting up new system in VMWare. Worked like a charm.

Also, while change the network settings as to Bridged, that way Ubuntu (in VMware) will automatically find the i.p. address of tegra.