Remote to jetson connected to TV display


I’m hoping somebody can point me a certain direction on this concept.

I have use case where we have a TV mount in a work area where the manager would like to display data or updates for staff to see.

I was wondering if a jetson could be used to remote into from another PC and setup the TV display remotely. The manager could use RDP or something to remote to the jetson and setup the display. The manager could remote in and setup a webpage in full screen mode for the TV.

I’m relatively new to jetsons, but any help or insight on this would be very appreciated!

If you just want to run a web browser on the Jetson, and if the Jetson is already booted to a graphical mode, then you should be able to do this somewhat easily using ssh. If you set the “DISPLAY” environment variable during an ssh session, and run from the “screen” program to allow you to detach without ending what you’ve run, then you can simply start up something like firefox on the command line (either naming the URL or using a default URL).

If the GUI is not already running it gets more complicated. More examples of your use-case and what kind of media you are working with, and if that media is something you can just point a web browser to, would be useful. There are other software programs also cable of using other protocols or working without a web browser, but until you give details I don’t think people will have the ability to make detailed suggestions.


Thanks for linuxdev’s quick suggestion. Generally we log in Jetson platforms through ssh. Please give it a try.