Request: GPU Memory Junction Temperature via nvidia-smi or NVML API

Surprisingly this is not the isssue of miners because they get what they did. This is the issue of DL researcher who are just working for community.

@buran.energia I’m interested in the source code you mentioned. Currently maintaining GitHub - jelmd/nvmex: Metrics exporter for Nvidia GPUs (Prometheus exposition format) and would take it over, if possible (if they really use NVML api then it shouldn’t be a problem, others, hmm depends) …

Please provide capability to see mem temps in Linux. I don’t want to use Windows

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Wow. I’ve read this thread and it is shocking just how ignorant @nadeemm either is or pretends to be.
To sit here and tell a crowd of software and code developers that the NVAPI isn’t providing vram temp data to the scores of third party applications that show it is preposterous and an insult. It seems clear to me that NVIDIA has something against Linux to the extent it will shun any and all Linux users just to smite Linux as a whole.

I suspect this decision came from the very top of driver development at NVIDIA. One short sighted prick with an axe to grind. It happens all the time, Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter stonewalled all Marvel superhero films based on female characters because he believed they wouldn’t be profitable. Only after the committee he helmed was disbanded and control over film development was given to someone else did Captain Marvel get made grossing a billion. Because of projects in development, it delayed Black Widow which is why that film felt, out of time.

So I think there is one short sighted little short-dick man behind this issue with Linux drivers not having vram temp data.

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(not mine): GitHub - JustAMan/pynvraw: Pure-Python wrappings over nvapi

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Nothing yet?

I created an account just to join in on this thread…

Please nvidia, fix this…

Any updates?

@nVidia We need to see our memory temps in linux!!!
It wouldn’t be so bad if your flagship consumer GPU wasn’t roasting it’s memory.

We know you don’t like Linus Torvalds but you don’t need to take it out on the rest of the world.
Your a big enough company now, you can stop acting like a small start up, trying to attack it’s competition all the time.

C’mon nVidia… where’s the love?

Please, we need this function to control the memory temperature in LINUX. I paid (a lot of money) …

Nvidia really does need to get caught up here. AMD Cards as old as Vega from 2017 support this function in linux.

We are all waiting for it but as they don’t provide the firmware update tool for linux either.
It seems they just don’t care for linux users.

It’s like driving a car without knowing the current speed…
We all should gather or meet to run a class action against this company.

We buy their products and they just simple insult us.

Shame on you NVIDIA.

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This sounds like it’s just getting kicked down the road and not providing the solution that everyone is asking for. Seems rather simple to me reading through this entire thread what everyone wants and the NVIDIA rep comes in and just throws gas on the fire and leaves. Why not give the core of your community the truth to what they’re asking. Either you can or can’t perform the request on providing the GPU Memory Junction Temps, it’s that simple. Standing by for your response as this is my first input to the forum.

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I don’t think nvidia can do this.
It is a functionality highly demanded by the public.


If you don’t take care of your clients, a future will come when you won’t have them.
@nadeemm @wpierce

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Somehow people managed to do in in Windows. Please have a look at it. I am sure your capable engeneers are aware how they did it in Windows.
After that the transition to Linux should be quite straight forward.

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@buran.energia Thanx lot! Just had a look on it: They hook up directly to the windows DLL, so not really usable on Linux. One would need to do all the reverse engineering on Linux, too (nv libs on linux do not expose similar symbols and it is questionable, whether they contain similar calls at all). So still need to wait, 'til NVidia implements/publishes related APIs or someone finds and analyzes an app, which provides the related infos. :(

@nadeemm and NVIDIA - please for the love of God can you just add support to see memory temperature in Linux as we can in Windows. Or is there some commercial reason why you don’t want to do this?

The only reason I can think of is you know memory temp is critical to mining, miners use linux/HiveOS, and you don’t want to support regular users using their gaming GPUs for mining, and you want to sell your CMP products instead.