Request: GPU Memory Junction Temperature via nvidia-smi or NVML API

I sold my RTX 3080 because VRAM problem, It’s too hot and I am afraid it will have a bad effect on devices in long term. Lucky that My 3080 is 1000$ at the time I bought it, and I sold It for 2000$ now because of cryptocurrency even though I have used It for 1 year. With that budget, I am going to decide to buy duo rtx3060 12gb for Machine learning nevermind about DDR6X temperature problem.

Surprisingly this is not the isssue of miners because they get what they did. This is the issue of DL researcher who are just working for community.

@buran.energia I’m interested in the source code you mentioned. Currently maintaining GitHub - jelmd/nvmex: Metrics exporter for Nvidia GPUs (Prometheus exposition format) and would take it over, if possible (if they really use NVML api then it shouldn’t be a problem, others, hmm depends) …

Please provide capability to see mem temps in Linux. I don’t want to use Windows

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Wow. I’ve read this thread and it is shocking just how ignorant @nadeemm either is or pretends to be.
To sit here and tell a crowd of software and code developers that the NVAPI isn’t providing vram temp data to the scores of third party applications that show it is preposterous and an insult. It seems clear to me that NVIDIA has something against Linux to the extent it will shun any and all Linux users just to smite Linux as a whole.

I suspect this decision came from the very top of driver development at NVIDIA. One short sighted prick with an axe to grind. It happens all the time, Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter stonewalled all Marvel superhero films based on female characters because he believed they wouldn’t be profitable. Only after the committee he helmed was disbanded and control over film development was given to someone else did Captain Marvel get made grossing a billion. Because of projects in development, it delayed Black Widow which is why that film felt, out of time.

So I think there is one short sighted little short-dick man behind this issue with Linux drivers not having vram temp data.

(not mine): GitHub - JustAMan/pynvraw: Pure-Python wrappings over nvapi

Nothing yet?