3090FE question


I am a CEO of a medium sized business. We recently purchased 3090FE cards for our marketing branch for rendering and we’re installing today. I would like to ask this community about a monitoring issue. I would like to see the memory junction (VRAM) temperature, my colleague heard there could be overheating. We are using Linux based systems, and do not intend to change this. I’ve heard Windows is OK. Tried nvidia-smi, glances, sensors etc. but couldn’t find. Google search gave various confusing results. We are using the latest driver. Is there anything we can do?

If not, what happens if the card overheats and we do not know?

Thank you for your time reading my amateur question, I hope this community will be able to give me answers.


The Nvidia-smi documentation should have some commands that help with GPU Target Temps in Linux.