GeForce GTX 1070 - FAN speed does not show in nvidia-smi output

hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I got a new MSI laptop. I am running on Linux and have installed the latest version of Nvidia driver on linux ( downloaded from Nvidia site and went through the Nvidia installer - so it is not pre-compiled dep package).I am not sure if the fans are working properly or not, because sometimes the temperature is reached 60c and I see some error message in linux log which says, the temperature is above the threshold ( please see the attachment ).I am looking for GPU fan speed detail, but I can not seem to find it. in nvidia-smi command output,it does not show “fan speed” ( it just shows “N/A” ) and I am not sure if it is sniping or not. According to documents or sample outputs on the net, the GPU FAN speed (percentage ) should be appeared in the output. please find attached screenshots.

Here is hardware information :
Laptop Model: MSI GT62VR-7RE Dominator Prod
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 1070
Driver version: 390.87
OS: Debian 9.5 ( 64 bit )


The temperature threshold message comes from the CPU, so unrelated to to the nvidia gpu. Since this is a notebook, the system fan is used for cooling, no gpu specific fan is attached and nvidia-smi has nothing to display. The system fan speed might or might not be displayed by ‘sensors’, model specific.
Most systems have a gpu temperature target of 70°C when stressed, so 60°C is nothing to worry about unless the system is completely idle.