GPU Fan speed control in Ubutu Server without "nvidia-setting"


I have RTX 2080 TI GPUs on my Server (OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Sever version). I cannot install “Nvidia-settings” because my OS doesn’t suppurt GUI. My goal is to control GPU FAN Speed using “nvidia-smi” command or any app that you recommend. The GPUs are running hot because I cannot raise the fan speed (RPM). I can however limit the power to 170 using “sudo nvidia-smi -pl 170” command, but still the GPU are hot because the fan speed is on 35% and I cannot change that. Is there any command or app that I can use to control the fan speed. Again, installing “nvidia-settings” is not an option for my Ubuntu Server OS.

Short answer: no
Fan speed is set through the NVCTRL X extension, obviously needing an Xserver running (as root).
Since you’re running headless, please make sure nvidia-persistenced is running.