RGB Full Range (0-255) over HDMI ?

What’s the story with RGB Full Range (0-225) over HDMI? Appears Jetson TX1 is always set to limited range (16-235).

How might one force Jetson TX1 into RGB “Broadcast” Full (0-255) over HDMI port? According to the TX1 TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL, the appropriate registers appear to be set in the low-level video device driver.

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Hello video_developer, thank you for bringing up this topic, we are currently investigating this issue.

hello ctichenor

I, too, have the same question. (HDMI & eDP)

How can I do if I want to solve this problems?

That’s not supported in TX1 yet, but you may try to change the “default_limited_cmu” lut table to the “default_cmu” lut if dc->out-type == TEGRA_DC_OUT_HDMI, located in /kernel/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc.c.
Then to check if can have the full range RGB color space (0-255) video out the Jetson Tegra TX1 HDMI port.

However, in addition to full range RGB support over HDMI, you should study the HDR-10 specification HDMI driver support to utilize the unique capabilities of TX1.

Hope this could help on your case.


Hello, I was wondering if the above fix referenced by kayccc fixed the issue. I seem to only be able to display a limited range (15-235) instead of the full 0-255 range on my Nvidia Jetson TX2.

Any updates from nvidia here on how to solve the issue for the TX2?



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Your issue is on TX2, please file your issue into TX2 board - https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/188/jetson-tx2/