rgba to yuv444 Commit submit encode?

When encoding, how can I make the GPU internally convert to yuv444 and then encode? not internal conversion to Yuv420


Can you elaborate more on the question and the execution pipeline here? What is the input format you referring to? How are you setting up this encoder instance, what all encode parameters are used?



Input format is RBGA,Official example used appencd3d11.The encoding parameters are conventional. But I don’t know how to avoid the red blur problem after encoding.There are no specific parameters, I have rewritten it myself.FPS 60 1920*1080.-PRESET HP LOSSLESS_HP Have tried. guidcodec NV_ENC_CODEC_H264_GUID.Encode Profile GUIDS supported by the NvEncodeAPI interface Tried all the configurations below.NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_HIGH_444_GUID Configuration but running error.Later, after consulting the relevant information of the forum, the problems of the predecessors, it was concluded that when NV_ENC_BUFFER_FORMAT_ARGB is used as the input source, the encoding will be automatically converted to YUV420, and then encoding will be performed. But the yuv420 will have a red blur problem, and this is the problem I want to solve.

Thank you

Hi jianggu19910607.

Good to know that red blur was a rendering problem and not an encoder or decoder issue.