Riva C++ examples

In the Riva docs:

On this page, it refers readers to two cpp examples:


However, these files are not in the riva docker container, but the python examples are. Where can these files be found that are referred to in the docs?


Hi @BGreenway ,
This is referring to cpp clients inside docker.
These are the cpp binary files,If you want to see the more options Just run the command:
riva_streaming_asr_client --help


Disappointing that you don’t share the source for these examples; after all, this is all meant for developers, and binary demo applications aren’t much help without the source. Regardless, I appreciate all the tools that you do provide. Thanks for the response.

@BGreenway the source for these clients are now available on GitHub: GitHub - nvidia-riva/cpp-clients: Sample C++ command-line Riva clients..

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