Simple Riva setup for ASR testing

I need to do some basic Riva ASR testing on a Jetson AGX Orin. I’m finding an overload of Riva information, but I’m not find any basic setup information. All I want to do is setup access to a default speech engine with a sample “C” program that either gets audio from a microphone and sends it to the ASR or sends a wav file to the ASR and gets the transcription.

Please point me to the instructions for the simplest way to access a ASR for testing.

Hi @lshoell

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Once you have setup a Riva Server with ASR, you can connect via two Clients readily available

Riva clients use gRPC to communicate with the Riva server
I guess I don’t think C program may have gPRC support (I may be wrong)

We also have Javascript based websocket-bridge

Hope that helps