Robow claw UART serial communication with Nano

Hello, I am having issues connecting Robowclaw 2X7A with the Jestson Nano, I am trying to connect it using pyserial on port ttyths1 through GPIO pins, however. it only takes input just once and it then doesn’t respond to the input the way it was designed.

Sorry that we don’t have experience on connecting obowclaw 2X7A with Jetson Nano, may other developers help to share experiences.

Since the Robowclaw isn’t something most people here know about, perhaps you could describe the data and where it goes. It is confusing to say it uses ttyTHS1 “through GPIO pins”. What does that mean? If we are speaking of just ttyTHS1, then the UART can be examined. If GPIO is involved, then perhaps describing how it relates to tthTHS1 could help. Being able to break it down to the data itself such that someone could reproduce some tiny part of the program independent of the Robowclaw would be easier to debug (or maybe not, but you won’t know until you try).

Also, if you do have details on the serial UART, then you might also suggest what port settings are (the default is 115200 8N1).

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