ROI was not support when using H.265 Constant QP

I find the ROI was not support when using H.265 Constant QP in JP4.6(using jetson_multimedia_api/ROI encoding with 01_video_encode sample), It was support on H.264 VBR ,H.264 CQP and H.265 VBR, but failed on the H.265 CQP. Here’s my test way,

  1. run the ROI encoding on H.265 VBR:
    ./video_encode input_1920x1080.yuv 1920 1080 H265 vbr_roi.265 -ef 10 -hpt 2 -rc vbr -ifi 50 --eroi -roi roi.cfg --input-metadata

  2. change the /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/samples/01_video_encode/video_encode_main.cpp to CQP, like this:

  3. make and run
    ./video_encode input_1920x1080.yuv 1920 1080 H265 cqp_roi.265 -ef 10 -hpt 2 -rc vbr -ifi 50 --eroi -roi roi.cfg --input-metadata

  4. I opened the cqp_roi.265, but the picture doesn’t look the right color and has Mosaic,
    as shown below, the left is the vbr_roi.265 and the right is the cqp_roi.265.

  5. the roi.cfg and the input_1920x1080.yuv are put in the attachment.

Thanks for your reply.
input_1920x1080.yuv (32.6 MB)
roi.cfg (380 Bytes)
cqp_roi.265 (69.0 KB)
vbr_roi.265 (156.6 KB)

This is not supported on current releases. We will evaluate if there is plan to enable it in future release.

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