RTSP H.264 decoding errors

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Decode RTSP H.264 stream on a Jetson Nano under heavy load
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Most times when the Jetson Nano is under heavy load the RTSP H.264 stream starts producing errors (see image). There are usually no decoding issues when it runs at a reasonable FPS.

I’ve narrowed the issue down to the rtspsrc plugin. I used smart recording to save the H.264 stream and used a different decoder and it had the same issue (which means it’s not a decoder issue).

The settings used on the rtspsrc are latency 200, drop-on-latency TRUE, enable-max-performance TRUE, bufapi-version TRUE`. I’ve tried turning these settings on and off and increasing and decreasing the latency, but I still have the same issues. I’ve also tried setting it to TCP only. Any ideas?

I’ve seen these issues on multiple Nanos and from different camera models (and manufacturers).

My pipeline is: rtspsrcqueuedecodebinqueuenvvideoconvertcapsfilter (video/x-raw, memory:NVMM)nvstreammux
The decodebin becomes rtph264depayh264parsenvv4l2decoder.

The picture shows there is packet lost through RTSP. The heavy loading may impact the RTSP processing. Longer latency and TCP based RTSP transferring may help. If the rtsp server support re-transmission, you can try to set “do-retransmission” property of rtspsrc too. rtspsrc: GStreamer Good Plugins 1.0 Plugins Reference Manual. Please refer to RTSP protocol and gstreamer resources.

All the improvement needs RTSP server to support the features. It is not a deepstream issue. If the network throughput is bad, packet lost can not be avoided.

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