Rtspsrc reconnection issue

Hi all:
My pipeline is : gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location= ! rtph265depay ! nvv4l2decoder ! nv3dsink async=0
It can play correctly, but when I unplug the network cable more than 25 sec, the rtsp can not reconnect, and the pipeline recieve a EOS.
I realize it maybe a timeout issue with rtspsrc, but it cannot reconnect and get EOS either when I set timeout=0 tcp-timeout=0 do-rtcp=0.
My purpose is to make the pipeline wait unlimited time when I unplug the wire and reconnect to rtsp sourse when I recover the network.

Jetson XAVIER NX ,Ubuntu 20.04


This use-case may not work in gst-launch-1.0 command. Please try to develop a python or C sample to launch the pipeline, and register a bus to check error message. When the error happens, you can re-initialize the pipeline.

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