RTX 6000 Ada Generation temperatures

I have four that cards, general performance and quality are awesome. I have question about temperatures RTX 6000 Ada Generation I tried to find something in specification but I couldn’t. During rendering (3ds max, v-ray) temperatures are quite high, core reaches up to 83 Celsius and memory temperature reaches up to 106 Celsius and hot spot temperature are in the middle of both temperatures core memory - should I worry about it? Fans reaches only about 55%, it’s enough? It is normal and safe for that type of gpu-s for works for many hours/day? All cards have almost the identical temperatures.
All cards are i rack and have good ventilation.

Hello there @marcinperek and welcoem to the NVIDIA developer forums!

To start with, yes, those temperatures in a server setting are an acceptable range. What amounts to good ventilation is also rather complex. The tolerances for Rack PCIe cards are calculated based on a lot of different factors like inlet temperature, Air-pressure, NVLINK setup and more.

That said, you should make use of the nvidia-smi -h command to ease your mind. This tool is more powerful than most people know. One example is
nvidia-smi.exe -q -d TEMPERATURE

which will show you the different temperature values for different operating stages. If you stay at or below target temperature, things are ok and well (enough) cooled.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the answer:)
I will also check nvidia-smi, seams to be interesting:)