A6000 Hot but fan speed remains slow / Poor Performance

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask and 2nd apologies for my somewhat limited technical knowledge.

HI am not positive this is normal behavior or not. I recently upgraded from the RTX4000 to an A6000. The A6000 runs quite warm in my opiniion, but again not sure - may be completely normal.

It’s in an Aorus Master Z490 with a 10900k CPU and 128GB 3600 RAM. All nvme drives. The card is running at PCIE x16… no other cards in the system.

When utilizing the A6000 to upscale videos using a product like Topaz or others, GPU will run at up to 90%, temperatures average around 84F, and fans seem to never go above 50%.

So , is this normal behavior? Am I missing something? Setting I should change in Nvidia Control Panel?

Lastly, what is the ECC mode on the A6000? I do not see a lot of difference with it on or off.

Since there seems to be no “manual” for the card, I just did not know where to ask.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help.

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Never used these high-tier quadros but all RTX 4000s, P2200s and RTX A4000s I have encountered are more-less the same. The rationale is that these cards are built to withstand harsher conditions than consumer cards. It almost seems like 84+ C (I think you meant Celsius, not Fahrenheit) is the perfect temperature for them. I always remember how unpleasant it is to touch these cards while running, but I always do it :P.

The fan simply has a fairly large headroom.