RTX 6000 on Windows 10 Pro (22H2)

I’m trying to install Version: R550 U6 (552.55) WHQL of the RTX 6000 ada driver on Windows 10 Pro and it’s just not working.


Hi Mateus, can you pls provide more details on the failure? What driver have you been runing til now? Is the older driver still installing/working? This driver passed MSFT WHQL, so it HAS installed on dozens of systems, and passed thousands of tests. Something must be exclusive to your setup, that makes it fail for you…

Pls provide as much details as possible - thanks

Hi Frank,

thanks for your support, I’m sending you the information, but the summary is that I have

  • an L40S;
  • the Display Port is enabled;
  • I used Win11 with this driver and it worked perfectly, but when I switched to win10 and reinstalled the driver it didn’t work;

I’m sending you the result of the ‘nvidia-smi-q’ command and a step-by-step image of the installation and the RTX Desktop error.

Error.pdf (511.7 KB)
instalation.pdf (539.5 KB)

nvidia -smi -q.txt (9.5 KB)

Hi Mateus
So from what I can see, the driver installed OK, but the optional, additional RTX desktop manager seems to struggle, which likely is because your GPU/driver is still in TCC mode, the default mode for a datacenter compute card (which also explains the lack of the GPUs visiblity in the control panel and lack to be able to enable any output/screen).
Can you pls try changing the L40S GPU into WDDM mode, using nvidia-smi with the option: -dm, --driver-model= Enable or disable TCC mode: 0/WDDM, 1/TCC (see nvidia-smi -h). It will require a reboot, but once the L40S comes up in WDDM mode, it should behave ‘just normal’…