Run CUDA failed on Ubuntu 10.10

Hello there,

I have installed CUDA Toolkit 3.2 with devdriver 260.19.26 and SDK on Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit.

System runs fine under this driver.

All sample applications have been compiled successfully. But no one can run.

For example deviceQuery gives the following output:

I am attaching (2.27 KB)

the trace log for this application.

Could anybody give me a hint what is wrong? Thanks in advance to gents!

Hi !!

I am struggling with the same issue. After perfect compilation I get issues trying to run the sample programs. Initially I was getting errors which indicated the kernel driver version and CUDA driver version to be different but even after I made sure they match still the samples do not run. I was getting an error like ERROR: Unable to read file ./dev/nvidia0. I have still trying. I will post if it is successful. Please let me know if you have any luck.