Run Physics simulate several times,get different Results,why?

A ball drop from somewhere,when stopped,the position was different in every simulate. code as bellow:

SkinWidth = 0.025
G = -9.81

//create scene

NxReal myTimestep = 1.0f/50.0f;
gScene->setTiming(myTimestep / 4.0f, 4, NX_TIMESTEP_FIXED);

//create actor


    gScene->fetchResults(NX_RIGID_BODY_FINISHED, true);


Because PhysX SDK does not provides fully deterministic simulation.

I don’t know if that’s really the case here. PhysX determinism is good enough to repeatedly simulate with reasonable accuracy a ball dropping on a plane, provided that . Please provide more details; results would be useful, I don’t see them in your post. Also, to compare one run to the next, you should re-initialize the SDK and scene to make sure you aren’t retaining some sort of internal state from one run to the next.


yeah!re-initialize the SDK and scene before simulate ,i got same result.
Thanks MikePhysX.