Run SGIE Classifier on every nth tracked object

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Is it possible to only do SGIE inference on every nth frame of a given object?

ie. if I have tracked an object A through frames 100-200 in a video, I want to only do SGIE classification on that object A on frames 100, 102, 104 etc. etc…
Another object B is tracked from frames 150-250 and should only be classified on frames 150, 152, 154…

It seems that “interval=1” is only valid for PGIE?



  1. there is no this kind of setting, if interval = 0, all objects will do sgie inference.
  2. yes, it is only for PGIE, please refer to Gst-nvinfer — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation.

Would it be possible to allow for secondary-reinfer-interval property to work on any network type? Currently it seems to only be supported on classifiers?



There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore.
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it supports Detector & Classifier, please find secondary-reinfer-interval in this Gst-nvinfer — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

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