Running CUDA enabled apps Do users need a supported version in order to run CUDA enabled apps?


I understand that in order to develop a CUDA enabled application, I need one of the supported distros (version).
My question is, say I have developed the application on Ubuntu 7.10, with the 177.73 CUDA 2.0 enabled driver.
Will users of my application be able tu run it on an Ubuntu 8.04 using the 177.73 driver, or do they also need
Ubuntu 7.10?


Liad Weinberger.

They won’t have any troubles because of CUDA (if they compile it themselves, if you use the driver API, or you redistribute with your application), but they could still have difficulty due to library version mismatches if you distribute only as a binary (but that’s no different than any other application that doesn’t use CUDA).

Thanks for the reply, tmurray.