Running FFTs on 3D data (STL, OBJ, etc) for Holographic Computation


My name is Vik, and I’m a researcher at the MIT Media Lab. I’m looking at new methods to improve the holographic computation of 3D images. We are basically calculating Forward and Inverse Fourier transforms of 3D pixels (X, Y, Z). Does the CUDA platform have any specific functions that could speed up the process for doing such transforms in real-time?

I’m currently using the Jetson TK1 Dev board:

Any help would be great! This work falls in the field of Computational Imaging, 3D Holography, Volumetric Displays.



We have lots of samples to demonstrate simulation use case.
You can find detail information in our sample code.

For example:


Thank you. But I’m wondering if there is a database of point clouds (x,y,z) per color I could use for some FFT simulation. For example, are there any NVIDIA samples of point clouds of rabbits, teapots, etc I could access?

Please let me know.


We only provide primary rendering sample.
For rendering a .obj file, you can check the third-party library for samples.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.