Running Tensorflow 1.15 model in RTX A5000 GPUS (Ampere architecture)


I am planning to buy Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU for training models. However i am concerned if i will be able to run tensorflow 1.15 model in this GPU.
I have read that Ampere architecture only supports nvidia-driver versions above 450.36.06+ and cuda versions CUDA 11. Since tensorflow 1.15 requires cuda 10, I am not sure if I can run such models.

Also will using any nvidia docker with cuda 10 help me train these models?
I had created a nvidia-docker environment for tensorflow 1.15, in an RTX 2080 TI(Turing architecture machine) with Nvidia driver 460.91.03 and CUDA Version: 11.2 which works fine.

Thank you in advance.