I want to use tensorflow-gpu = 1.14.0 with RTX3090

I’m currently using the RTX 3090 for deep learning.
I want to use tensorflow-gpu1.14.0, but since RTX3090 uses CUDA11, it seems that it only supports tensorflow 2.4.0. But I would like to use tensorflow-gpu 1.14.0. Will you support it in the future, or is there any other way?


We recommend you to check the below samples links, as they might answer your concern

If issue persist, request you to share the model and script so that we can try reproducing the issue at our end.

thank you for finding the time to reply.

Is it possible to use tensorflow-gpu1.14.0 without using Docker?
Again, will the RTX 3090 support CUDA 10 in the future?


Hi @m.abe,

This doesn’t look like trt issue. Could you please post your query in relevant forum.

Thank you.

Hi @m.abe,

If you would like to use NGC docker container please refer the following doc.
You may find NGC container which supports tensorflow version you’re looking for.
If you do not want to use docker and need further assistance please post your concern in tensorflow link previously mentioned.

Thank you.