Saving result of Audio2Face using python api

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While experimenting with the Audio2Face part of Omniverse, I noticed that the python api does not allow us to save the produced video or model. It looks like the user needs to interact with the UI for this step. Is there a way to programmatically save the results or have I missed a point?

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Hi @bozkurt15

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There is a programmatic way fortunately. We use this as part of the omni.kit.capture.viewport extension which is generally a good reference and has a few more advanced examples in there but it roughly comes down to the following few lines:

import omni.renderer_capture
import omni.kit.viewport_legacy

renderer = omni.renderer_capture.acquire_renderer_capture_interface()
viewport_interface = omni.kit.viewport_legacy.acquire_viewport_interface()
viewport_window = viewport_interface.get_viewport_window(None)

def _capture_helper(viewport_rp_resource):
        renderer.capture_next_frame_rp_resource(frame_path, viewport_rp_resource)

omni.kit.viewport_legacy.deferred_capture(viewport_window, _capture_helper, is_hdr=False, subscription_name="omni.kit.capture capture helper") # Could be true if you are capturing HDRs

This code does require tracking the amount of accumulated samples if in Pathtraced mode.
There are some examples of that within the omni.kit.capture.viewport extension but let me know if anything comes up and we’d be happy to assist further.