Scikit-learn version issue .Python file not running

Error Markings:

  1. Red color round shows the scikit-learn error.
  2. Orange color shos the pickle library error.


1)While executing the python file I am getting the scikit-learn package issue.

2)Actually I want scikit-learn=0.24.dev0 version , Can you suggest me the scikit-learn version because I have previously worked with this scikit-learn==0.24.dev0 version and it is a proper version to run my applications .

3)Can you suggest us the alternative version for scikit-learn=0.24.dev0 with that particular version dependencies required to run my application.

  1. Due to scikit-learn version issue , pickle is also not loading, could you please tell me the alternative pickle version.

                               Please let me know and clear my issue as soon as possible.

Hi @gouthamcse1508,

I think this issue is not related to the scikit-learn version. Could you try the following solutions:

  1. Adding the path to the LD_PRELOAD environment variable:
export LD_PRELOAD='<path-to-libgomp>/'

That <path-to-libgomp> should be the one referenced on the error.

  1. Change the order of package imports in your Python code, as mentioned here.

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