Screen stuck at Loading Initial Ramdisk during boot - Kernel 5.14 series Geforce GT 1030 - Arch Linux

On Arch Linux ever since the 5.14 kernel series launched and the associated Nvidia drivers after 470.63.01-4 the screen no longer updates after the Grub message saying Loading initial Ramdisk during boot, Essentially it is stuck on this screen. The screen would normally, if working properly, at this point display the Gigabyte mobo logo and then launch SDDM. However the computer does boot and I am able to SSH into the machine and run commands. As such I have been able to downgrade the kernel and kernel headers back to 5.13-13 and nvidia driver 470.63.01-4. I’ve been waiting on the kernel updates and the updated nvidia drivers to see if this error gets resolved. So far with kernel version 5.14.7.arch1-1 and nvidia driver 470.74-2 the problem is still present. My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030.

The odd thing is I have another PC with an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI and that works absolutely fine with the latest kernels and nvidia driver on Arch. So I wonder if it’s card specific?

I’ve run the nvidia-bug report and attached it. I’m also new to this so apologise if I’ve not posted correctly in the right place.nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (67.6 KB)

The issue is now resolved with the release of the Linux Kernel 5.15 series and associated Nvidia 495.44 series drivers. Everything is working again.