Latest Nvidia driver crashes on Arch Linux


Many users, including myself, have had a driver incompatibility with the latest releases of Kernel. Since about two weeks ago. I reinstalled Arch Linux and the system wouldn’t load the Display Manager freezing the whole system; a few days ago I tried running the nvidia-smi command on the tty terminal before loading anything else and the same crash happened. Downgrading to drivers 460.67-7 and Kernel 5.11.13-1 fixed it. Now again on a fresh install I ran the bug-report and here’s the output

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (45.7 KB)

Because the driver crashes it also crashed running the script. Also it generated another file but I don’t know if it contains anything useful: nvidia-nvml-temp436.log (852 Bytes)

Here’s the discussions that helped me downgrade the driver & kernel:

Rig: GTX 1080 and Intel 6700

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Same issue, GTX 1080Ti, Dell U3419W via DP, Ryzen 5950X