Script Editor - feature requests and syntax highlight bugs

Been playing around with the script editor lately within Create and I’ve got a number of minor feature requests that’d be nice to have as user prefs. This is a small laundry list of things, so if you want these broken out, or more detail please let me know.

None of these are particularly major but they’d be all nice QoL adjustments (with the possible exception of the tab thing, which has gotten me a couple times already)

(feature) Tabs vs Spaces

The default in the current script editor is to tab (with a tab) when the tab key is places, and when shift+tab is hit, it’ll dedent four spaces or one tab character.

For most of the code I’m looking to bring over into the script editor it’s all coming from only spaces, so it’d be nice to have a config option to insert spaces instead of tabs.

(feature) Font choice / whitespace visibility

It’d be good to get a user-chooseable font (and size), or if that’s not doable, a monospaced font ideally? Also, I’m glad it’s showing the whitespace by default, but if I could turn this off that’d be something I’d like

(feature) Block comment/decommenting

I’m coming from nuke, so in that we have block comment/decomment behaviour using ctrl+/, which I’m really missing. I didn’t realise how much i’d miss it til it wasn’t there.

(bug) Triple quoted strings syntax highlighting with double quotes

Using double quotes, triple quoted strings only go to the pink string highlighting colour between the first and second instance of the quotes

(bug) Triple quoted strings syntax highlighting with single quotes

Single quotes seem to work, but using triple single quotes seems to set the highlighting to be the dark green comment, and the highlighter doesn’t understand how to close it off.

(feature) hotkey to clear the output window

Minor feature, there’s already a context menu for this, but it’d be nice to have a hotkey for it (maybe ctrl+backspace)

(feature) Resizeable top/bottom partition

The output window and script editor window seem to have a fixed-percentage relationship, it’d be nice to have a divider/grab handle to allow the output window to be resized so I can see more output.

EDIT: and a couple more…

(?) Shift-click doesn’t select a region

Makes it hard to select a large block of text to execute, you have to do this by shift + arrow keys to select any region.

(?) mouse region select doesn’t scroll

The cursor position once the pointer leaves the active window looks like it’s frozen but this means that you can’t select large regions (combined with the lack of shift + select). Looks like cursor xy is lost the second you move out of the text area, so if it held on for the window chrome that might be enough

(feature) Tab completion

…would be really handy.

(feature) copy/paste from script editor output

As per comment from @mebstyle on Simple render USD scene to PNG - #3 by mebstyne not being able to copy/paste error messages out makes it a bit harder to ship them.

Hi @anthony.tan! I’ve submitted these features to our development team (internal ticket: OM-34631). Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks! Let me know if you need any more detail, happy to expand on anything that’s not clear.