SD Card hot plugging issue in Jetpack 4.6

I have the hot-plugging issue in jetpack 4.6.

The dts file as tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dts (239.6 KB)

And I try to do the same way in jetpack 4.5, the hot-plugging is work.

Have anyone had the same issue?

Share your board schematic and dmesg too.

Please also compare your dts when it is on jp4.5 and jp4.6.1.

The board schematic

The dmesg file dmesg.txt (66.5 KB)

Please compare the sdhci@344 on your jp4.5.1 and jp4.6.

Btw, where is your cd gpio in schematic?

Is this ?

Why do you ask me?This is your carrier board.

Are you talking about gpio8? cd-gpio means card detection gpio which is responsible for the hotplug.

Yes, I mean the “GPIO8”.

So, we modify the content of dts as below.

sdhci@3440000 {
status = “okay”;
cd-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO(X, 4) 0>;
vmmc-supply = <&spmic_sd3>;
mmc-ocr-mask = <3>;

	/delete-property/ non-removable;
	/delete-property/ force-non-removable-rescan;


pinmux@2430000 {
	pinctrl-names = "default";
	pinctrl-0 = <&pinmux_default>;

	pinmux_default: common {
		uart5_tx_px4 {
			nvidia,pins = "uart5_tx_px4";
			nvidia,function = "nv";
			nvidia,pull = <TEGRA_PIN_PULL_UP>;
			nvidia,tristate = <TEGRA_PIN_DISABLE>;
			nvidia,enable-input = <TEGRA_PIN_ENABLE>;
			nvidia,lpdr = <TEGRA_PIN_DISABLE>;

If the device can print out new log in dmesg after you hotplug the sdcard, no matter it is successful result or not, it means the hotplug can work.

Also, what is your problem in doing this? Sounds like you didn’t compare this yet.

The different content like as below.

ommus = <0x11 0x18>;

/delete-property/ uhs-mask;
/delete-property/ only-1-8-v;

And It is work after we added them into jetpack 4.6!!!

Could you tell me the root cause?


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The root case is probably this one.

/delete-property/ only-1-8-v;

Yes, it is the root cause.

May I know the reason?

Your vdd-supply is 3.3v, right?

Yes, 3.3v!

So that only-1-8-v needs to be deleted. That property tells the driver to use 1v8 configuration.

Got it!!
Thank you so much!!!

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