TX2-NX SDIO PORT Interface


Currently I am working on one of one going project with my custom board where I was interfacing SD card with Jetson TX2-NX SOM through SDIO port.
I made following dtsi changes.
sdhci.dtsi (1.5 KB)
As per given product design guideline I am operating SD card with 3.3V.
When I observed with oscilloscope at the time of boot SOM initialise SDIO interface (I observed clk and CMD pulses) but after some time it stop and card is not detected.
Here is dmesg log at the time of booting,
dmesg.txt (44.6 KB)
dmesg_mmc.txt (2.2 KB)
dmesg_sd.txt (1.8 KB)
I used GPIO 12 as card detect pin.
I am geting card detect signal on that but still SD card memory device is not shown.
I m missing something?


sdhci-host = <&sdmmc3>; from bcm4354 needs to be disabled.


Thanks a lot for reply.
Thanks a lot for suggestion.
 Now card is been detected and we can able to interface with it.
But still hot plug is not working.
We are working on that .

Thanks a lot for support

Our SD card interface is working but Hot pluging is not working.
I include cd gpio pin and configured for that detection but still things are not working.
Please guide me on this.

You can try to share the dmesg so that we can see what happen.

Please check attached DMESG log when SD card connected to SOM.
tx2-nx_sdio_dmesg.txt (157.2 KB)

Could you clarify what is the case here?

Was the card inserted + boot up or you insert the card after system already booted up?

This log is taken at the time when SD card is already connected to SOM and SOM is booting up.

Didn’t you say you only have hotplug issue now? Why this log looks like even non-hotplug issue has problem?