SDK 0.9 common/

the LIB variable in common/ should include an -rpath-link for $(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/lib since uses and this is not found by ld, e.g.:

-L$(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/lib -Wl,-rpath-link,$(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/lib

platform: fedora core 5 i386


What is your (CUDA_INSTALL_PATH), and did you add (CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/lib to /etc/ ?

Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (as in the readme).


no i did not want to add the cuda library path to also, afaik LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings are only used by (the runtime linker) and not ld itself, but i might be wrong on this one. cuda and the sdk where installed out-of-tree on purpose.

I also needed to modify common/ of the 0.9 beta SDK.

On the (now supported) SuSE 10.2 it can’t run the GL projects because Xmu is not on the link line. I needed to add -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXmu to the LIB variable.

Distri is SuSE 10.2 default install (32bit) with all current updates + the 100.14.10 driver.


The is consistent with the readme.
With LD_LIBRARY_PATH, it will work and you can easily switch between different distros.
If you don’t want to use it, hardcode the path with rpath.

I know this is off-topic, but where can I download the version 0.9 ?

Or is it only for registered developers ?