Seeking clarification and more detail on creating an image/cloning from nvme SSD on Jetson Xaxier NX

Hello, I am trying to create an image from the NVMe SSD on my Jetson Xavier NX without removing the drive from the carrier board. Everything I have found on the forums points me to the following “solution”:

The problem is, what’s described there is pretty unclear, with limited detail. Could you lay out in more of a step-by-step way how one goes about creating an image?

Which of those scripts should I modify and use? Can you be more specific about how they should be modified? Could you give an example of the command line arguments to create an image from the nvme drive?


the link you posted is a workaround for a bug, not an entire solution to how to backup your system.
You should refer to Linux_for_Tegra/tools/backup_restore/README_backup_restore.txt for more detail. (Follow workflow 1 for backing up, workflow 2 for restoring.)

The issue is that has a bug, in which the device to backup/restore is hard-coded as mmcblk0, and thus cannot be applied on an NVMe SSD. So have to manually replace every mmcblk0 with nvme0n1 inside and

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