segmentaion fault in omxh265enc

I have an application which is composed of several processes out of which two are recording video using GStreamer and omxh265enc:
Occasionally (let’s say once a day) one of the recording processes crashes due to a segmentation fault.
The GStreamer pipeline, which is invoked from a python3 application (with OpenCV), is the following:

'appsrc ! videoconvert ! omxh265 bitrate=2000000 ! h265parse ! matroskamux ! filesink location=/tmp/rec.mp4 '

The error message I get is:

Framerate set to : 15 at NvxVideoEncoderSetParameterVENC: VideoEncInputProcessing: 4367:  VideoEncFeedImage failed. Input buffer 0 sent
VENC: NvMMLiteVideoEncDoWork: 4989: BlockSide error 0x4
Event_BlockError from 20BlockHevcEnc : Error code - 4
Sending error event from 20BlockHevcEnc./ line 27: 30 Segmentation fault (core dumped) python3 ./recording/

Why does this happen? What does the error signify? Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Could you try nvv4l2h265enc? We have the plugin on r32.2.

Thanks for the answer.
We are working with r28.1 and r28.2.1.
The systems are in production, and there’s no way for us to upgrade them to 32.2.

Do you have an idea what causes this?
Or how we can circumvent it?

Please make a test app that we can reproduce the issue. The test app should be similar to