Segmentation as PGIE with Object Detection as SGIE

Several topics discuss using object detection as PGIE and then segmentation as an SGIE. For example:

We are interested in doing this the other way around: using segmentation as PGIE then doing object detection as SGIE. The goal is to only report objects that are at least partially contained within a given semantic class (e.g. only birds that are in front of the sky, or only dogs that are on the road)?

Is this possible within Deepstream? If so, are there any example available? If not, is there an alternate method to accomplish what I’ve outlined above?

Dan C.

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If your segmentation model can output bboxes, it can be used as PGIE.

No. We don’t have such segmentation model.

DeepStream is only a SDK. There is no limitation for you to implement it. The only thing you need is a segmentation model which can output bboxes of your interested classes because SGIEs only work with bboxes.

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