Segmentation Fault dqEvent and query_and_set_capture

I tried to implement RTSP receiver and resender.
My program achieved receive RTSP packets.
They are elementary stream.
I need to set decoder. But I call dqEvent(), it occurs segmentation fault.
And when I comment out dqEvent, query_and_set_capture() is segmentation fault.

When do I need dqEvent() and query_and_set_capture()?
How to initialize output_plane buffer of decoder with empty buffer ?

Looks like you are implementing the use-case in jetson_multimedia_api? For video decoding, you can refer to


For ensuring the received and depayed h264/h265 stream is decode-able, you may save it to a file and check if the file can be decoded through the samples.

Hi, I checked the sample(00_video_decode).
But it is based on file input. So, I confused how to initialize output plane buffer of decoder.

In your application, you should receive RTSP packets and depay the packets to h264 stream. Is it possible to save it to a file? And then try to decode it through samples, to check if the h264 stream is valid.

My application could save as file. But it is inputted dummy data at first.

We would suggest follow the samples to develop your use-case. The samples are tested/verified in each release and should work fine, if you follow the call flows.

If you suspect it is something wrong in our release, please share a way(patch and steps to run reference samples) so that we can reproduce it and do investigation.

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I solve my problem with using dummy data.
So, there is no problem. Thank you.

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