SegNet architecture in python

Hello everyone.
Is there any way in python to see the SegNet network architecture?
I looked at the jetson documentation but couldn’t find an answer.

Thank you.

Hi @forflafor, do you specifically mean the SegNet DNN architecture from [1511.00561] SegNet: A Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Image Segmentation? If so, you could install PyTorch/TensorFlow/ect and try running it in it’s native framework.

There are some TensorRT-accelerated FCNs in jetson-inference:

Hi @dusty_nv, thanks for the answer.
I was referring to the network implemented in the Jetson API.
In Pytorch there is the possibility to print the structure of the network and in fact I wanted to ask how this could be done with the Segnet network.

Since there are, I wanted to know if the FCN-ResNet worked both as an encoder and as a decoder in the SegNet architecture


FCN-ResNet has encoder/decoder and basically functions the same as SegNet, I use it because it came in torchvision, exported to ONNX, and had good runtime performance.

Thanks for the reply @dusty_nv .

As for the number of layers present in FCN-ResNet18, do I take into consideration those of the original paper ( are 18) or have you created a custom architecture?

Thank you.

It’s the 18 layers from ResNet18 plus additional FCN layers.

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