Select top level for props

I am designing a room, when I select a plant to move it, you select exactly the sub prop of the prop I touched. It would save me having to look at the stage and go up x levels to get to the prop I want to move.

A checkbox that lets you ‘Select top level object on click’, that users could toggle on or off.

Picture of problem attached. I wanted to move the plant, and I grabbed the vase. It happened 3 times in 1 minute is why I posted.


Temporary work around , you can press the up arrow key once to move to next top hierarchy so that you can move the whole planter pot for your use case.

Thank you. I will try that.

Hello @DataJuggler! I submitted your request to the development team!

(An internal development ticket was created from this post: OM-49619: Select top level for props)

Here is a video going through different ways to select the top level of a prop