Serial Console-USB adapter to Tegra TK1

Hi, I run Ubuntu 14.04 with linux kernel 3.16. My computer has only USB ports. I want to be able to get the console outputs from u-boot -> kernel -> boot-up from the Tegra TK1. I have the serial-to-usb cable and its connected.

I was wondering what are the settings on my Minicom (how do I know which ttyS is the usb? baud rate?) settings and what do I need to do on the Tegra Linux side to set up the output (bootloader, kernel, getty, etc.)



For the TK1 you need a null-modem cable. You might need to get a null-modem adapter for the cable you have.

I bought this one:

I use PuTTY on Windows, rather than Minicom on Linux, but these settings work for me:

Speed = 115200
Data bits = 8
Stop Bits = 1
Flow Control = None

Kangalow just posted a video on JetsonHacks for the TX1. The host side is on Linux with Minicom and should be a good guide for you with the TK1.

I’ve just added an article about adding a Serial Console to the Jetson TK1 Development Kit:

Hope this helps.