Set dv_flow_en=2, but cannot create HWS action since HWS is not supported

I’m trying to use rte_flow rules with asynchronous API in DPDK 22.11.
When I configure rte flow set using rte_flow_configure(), it returns like below and fail to configure.

mlx5_net: [mlx5dr_action_create_generic]: Cannot create HWS action since HWS is not supporte

I found that dv_flow_en is set as 2, but when querying HCA capability, mlx5dr_cmd_query_caps() returns caps->wqe_based_update of 0.

I guess there is something more that I should setup with firmware.
Is there anyone has tried asynchronous rte_flow APIs?
How can I use rte_flow_configure()?


Are you familiar with the following links:
This is basis though might provide you some answers to your inquiries.
You might want to check that the HCA is supported and flashed with our latest FW respectively.
Section HW steering (NIC ConnectX-5 and before are not supported) + other validations worst checking

After installing latest FW, it worked. Thank you.