Set viewport fullscreen and show extension UI

Hello :)

Is there a way to set the viewport full screen and also show the extension UI?
I would like to hide all menus and only show the viewport with the robot and the extension buttons on the right or left side.

I would like to do something similar to the following code, but keeping the extension UI. Is it possible?

self._settings = carb.settings.get_settings()
self._settings.set("/app/window/hideUi", True)

Thank you in advance.

Its not possible to both hide the UI and show it at the same time. However as an alternative you can hide all of the windows, and just unhide the specific ones you needed.

windows = omni.ui.Workspace.get_windows()
for window in windows: 
    if window =="Viewport" or window == "Script Editor":
        omni.ui.Workspace.show_window(str(window), True)
        omni.ui.Workspace.show_window(str(window), False)
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